Construction Studies

Construction Studies is offered to both Ennis Community College And Gaelcholáiste an Chláir students through English.


  • It is a hands on subject where students will work with tools and machinery. This will involves designing, planning and building things.
  • For their Leaving Certificate Project students will build a project of their liking. This can be a chair, cabinet, table or even a scaled model of a constructional detail or a scaled model of a house. It’s entirely up to the student. A brief has to accompany the project. The project and brief together makes up 25% of the overall Leaving Cert grade.
  • Students in their Leaving Certificate Year will also have a 4 hour practical exam. Students will be given a dimensioned drawing and all necessary materials and will have to make the project under supervision in class. This part of the project makes up a further 25%
  • The theory part of the course includes everything you need to know from planning and Design to construction applications and building regulations.

1. Planning and Design
2. Drawings and Documents
3. Site Preliminaries and Foundations
4. Walls, Partitions
5. Floors, Roofs
6. Fireplaces
7. Windows and Doors
8. Stairs
9. Plastering and Painting
10.Plumbing and Heating
13.Passive Housing
14.Exam Structure


  • It is recommended that a student opting for Leaving Cert Construction Studies……
  1. Has a general knowledge in buildings and the built Environment.
  2. Has an Aptitude and interest for design and practical work.
  3. Woodwork/Technical graphics/Technology are desirable subjects to have taken at Junior Certificate level but are not compulory.