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“Empowering learning with Technology”

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Ennis Community College – ICT as a pedagogical tool

 Our Case Studies

1. Questioning technique using Plickers (Kahoot/Socrative) Click here

2. QR codes and their uses Click here

3. The Flipped Classroom Click here


1. PLICKERS – Staff Training 5/5/16
What is Plickers and how does it benefit Teaching & Learning? Click on the following link to find out and also view a Step by Step Guide on how to use this interactive questioning tool Plickers training guide click here

QR codes

Students using plickers

Plickers Survey

This is a survey to let us know in Gaelcholáiste an Chláir and Ennis Community College what you thought of the Plickers inservice using QR cards as an Interactive questioning tool.

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2. QR Codes and their uses

lantern video


To create a QR code go to www.qr-code-generator.com type in the webpage and click on “Create Qr Code”

To Scan a QR code download QR Code Reader on your smart device. Open the app and simply hold the camera in front of the QR code. The link will automatically open.

  • Link to a video, worksheet or website – Allow students to become self-directed and independent learners
  • Safety techniques in the practical room – video or steps
  • Links to pre-existing content such as the Khan Academy website and other websites similar.
  • QR codes to raise awareness on everyday issues such as mental health, healthy eating, study skills and other issues
  • Promoting areas of Literacy and Numeracy
  • The promotion/PR of the school – local newspapers, open night and other events running in the school
  • Showcase student success such as success in extra-curricular and academic activities.
  • Schools headed paper – link to website and rotating videos
  • Effective feedback in homework – simple screen casting or voice recording – e.g. a question students all struggle with, rather than writing the same thing over put in a qr code.
  • Placed on worksheets to guide students as they learn
  • QR code link to a map of the school with videos to showcase each room. Very useful for open day and incoming students.
  1. Students can learn at their own pace -the well able student can fast forward through the video to find the piece which they found particularly difficult and only has to watch a snippet of the video while the weaker student has the ability to watch the whole video and their learning improved significantly as a result. The use of QR codes to differentiate in this manner ensures  and reduces the risk of a student falling behind.
  2. Wi-fi not immediately necessary – Students can scan the code and watch the video at a later date
  3. Video links cater for the wide range of abilities and needs within the modern day classroom and in effect helped to differentiate work for the different types of learners in the classroom.

3. Flipped Classroom – Staff Training
The Flipped Classroom is a new approach to teaching we are embracing in Ennis Community College and Gaelcholáiste an Chláir. In a flipped classroom homework is done in school and classwork is done at home. At home students will watch videos and answer some passive questions. They will be in control of their own learning. They can pause/rewind a video etc. Homework will no longer be a scary or daunting task. At school students will engage with the content while the teacher is there to help them and challenge them.


Please watch…..

Flipped Classroom Part 1 Illustrated by Ramona McCarthy

This video explains what the flipped classroom is and why its so effective as a learning tool.(8min)

Flipped classroom Part 2 llustrated by Ramona McCarthy

….continued This video explains what the flipped classroom is and why its so effective as a learning tool. (8.5min)


Flipped Classroom Example below:

1. Choosing a resistor Illustrated by Ramona McCarthy (3.5min)

This is a video created for technology students in Gaelcholáiste an Chláir

2. This is a GUIDED WORKSHEET to accompany the video above. Students are given a hardcopy to complete at home while watching the video. Guided worksheet Click here


Useful Websites and Apps:

  • Kahoot  

Please check out Kahoot for more fun interactive games. This allows students to answer questions created by the teacher from any device and race against other students in the class. The questions are asked in real-time, to an unlimited number of “players”, creating a social, fun and game-like learning environment.
Give it a try! Students love it!
NOTE: Students need internet access and devices.

To get Kahoot for the Teacher www.getkahoot.com For the Student www.kahoot.it

Purchase of Drone in pipeline

  • GPS and Drone used for Geography trip. Note on GPS map important discoveries. Could link with Orbital.
  • 3D visor – could be used for Orbital and incoming 1st years to showcase the school.
  • Sports Day
  • Matches
  • New build – time lapse
  • link to QR codes with videos of drone flying from class to class

 Kendal Trip – Workshops

  • Twitter
  • Quiz Apps
  • Anatomy Apps

Tarragona Trip – Workshops

Moena Italy Trip – Workshops

Tackk – improve collaboration and spark creativity – making posters www.Tackk.com

Animaker – creating videos and cartoons www.animaker.com

Sketch  up- simpler version of solid works – 3D drawings – architecture www.sketchup.com

Illustrator – adobe creative suite – Available in our media room in school www.adobe.com/illustrator

In design – Adobe creative Suite – Available in our media room in school www.adobe.com/indesign

Photoshop – Adobe Creative Suite – Available in our media room in school www.adobe.com/photoshop

Coggle – create beautiful mindmaps from your browser   www.coggle.it

Storybird – create an online book www.storybird.com

Canva – ability to create posters, presentations, logos and cards online www.canva.com