LCA Studies

Graphics and Construction Studies is offered for LCA 1 and LCA2 students in Ennis Community College.

This vocational specialism provides learners with an opportunity to develop a range of practical and generic skills in the area of Graphics and Construction Studies. It facilitates their personal and social development by providing opportunities to engage with the local community. It encourages expression using a range of graphical and other communication skills. The course also seeks to engage the learners in considering and experiencing the aesthetic, environmental, vocational and consumer awareness dimensions of the construction industry.


Students have to complete four modules. The module in Graphic Communication is a core mandatory module.



This module offers learners an opportunity to explore graphics as a

means of communication and presentation in everyday life situations

that are relevant to them. It enables them: to integrate and become

familiar with various drawing systems; to develop a range of graphical

skills; to use a range of materials to enhance presentations; and to

develop an awareness of the importance of new technologies in the

graphic communication industry. As graphics is an essential part of all

modules the learners will have an opportunity to apply the graphic

skills developed in this module to the other three modules selected.


The other three Modules Covered in ECC are:

Module 3: Building Services

Module 4: Woodcraft

Module 6: Computer Aided Design



This module introduces learners to the practical and environmental

aspects of electricity and water supply. The module deals with the

generation and distribution of water and electricity and with a range

of practical plumbing and electrical engineering skills. In common

with all other modules in this course there is an emphasis on safety.

The module is relevant to the life experiences of the learner in terms

of consumer education, conservation and environmental awareness.


This module offers beginners, and those who have some previous

experience of woodcraft, an opportunity to design and make items of

furniture for interior and exterior use. Learners are guided through the

different stages of production: planning, design, manufacturing and

evaluation. Learners practise a range of practical skills in terms of

creating a design portfolio, applying graphic communication skills,

marking out materials, using a range of tools and processes, joining

methods, fittings and finishes. The module also seeks to create an

awareness of environmental issues by examining the production and

processing of raw materials and the use of preservatives.


In this module learners will develop basic skills in Computer Aided

Design. They will produce a portfolio of work encompassing the

creation of basic shapes, logos and other creative designs and pictures.

Learners will also experience some co-ordinate-based drawing and

layer based work. This module will help to broaden the learner’s

understanding of the use of computers and provide them with an

introduction to the world of computers and graphics.